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Formation Stages

Formation is the period of time that candidates spend under the guidance and supervision of expert educators; first in discerning their calling and then preparing themselves for the final consecration or ordination. The formation period includes the following steps:

a) Aspirancy – This is the first stage that begins immediately one expresses desire to be a member of the Mulumban family. It begins with writing an application letter and going through the period of examination and interviews.

b) Postulancy – When one succeeds in the stipulated tests, one is then admitted into the postulancy programme which is the preliminary stage of training into the religious life.

c) Novitiate Programme – After the period of the postulancy, if found worthy, one begins the novitiate programme. This is a very crucial stage in the religious life, and it lasts for a year. At this stage, under the guidance of a novice master, one studies and assimilates the history, sprituality, charism, apostolate and the very inner life of the congregation, including the constitution. This stage is also delicate as one may drop out at will or may be dropped as a result of lapse in religious spirit.

d) Profession– After the period of novitiate, one receives the first profession (vows of poverty, chastity and obedience) following immediately the novitiate period is satisfied. This indeed makes one a bonafide but not a permanent member of the congregation. This vow is renewed yearly for at least three years.

e) Philosophical StudiesРAfter profession, one begins the philosophical studies which may last three(3) or four (4) years.

f) Pastoral Training– After the philosophical studies, if found worthy one will be sent for one year pastoral experience for more knowledge..

g) Theological Studies– After the period of the pastoral experience, one is then sent back to school (seminary) for three or four years religious studies. At the completion of this stage one receives the minor ministries and final vow (profession) which will make one a permanent member of the congregation. This is followed by diaconate and priestly ordinations respectively.

NB– One who aspires to belong to MSM must study these stages very well in other to prepare oneself for the task.