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Prayer to St. Mulumba

Glorious father and protector St Mulumba. Zealous lover of God and man, you were filled with the Holy Spirit. Your life on earth was lived in service of Christ and his church.

You gave the highest form of witness to Christ by following him through suffering and laying down your life for the love of Him and the gospel, with joyful heart.

Our beloved patron, through your prayer, we beg God for a burning love for the church and great desire to be used by Christ as useful instruments in the work and life of the church. May we always be ready with humility and joy, to spread the good news, especially by teaching the Catholic doctrine, and evangelizing the whole human race with the word of God.

Grant that your children may increase in number and in virtue and that, following your example, we may always be detached from the world and its riches. Grant that by our ministry, we may diffuse into the souls of the people, the odor of Christ Jesus, thus obtain eternal life. Amen


Lord Jesus Christ, watch over your missionaries Priests, religious and lay people who leave everything to give testimony to your word and your love in difficult moments sustain their energies, comfort their hearts, and crown their work with spiritual achievements.

Let the adorable image of you crucified on the Cross, which accompanies them throughout life, speak to them of heroism, generosity, love and peace.



O dearest Jesus,

Son of the eternal Father and Mary Immaculate,

Grant to our boys and girls,

The generosity necessary to follow your call,

And the courage required to overcome

All obstacles to their vocation.

Give to parents that faith, love and spirit of sacrifice

Which will inspire them

To offer their children to Godís service

Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be to the Father…

St. Mathias Mulumba… Pray for us.